Farba Research Product Reviews

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Farba Research is not in the business of doing product reviews. However, we do occasionally post a review of a product that we use, if that product seems noteworthy (usually meaning especially good or especially bad).

Each of these product reviews is strictly the opinion of the reviewer, who is not necessarily a Farba Research employee. Of course, we would not post a review that we thought was unfair or wrong, no matter who wrote it.

In the table below, Date means the date of the most recent update, and Rating is just whatever short-version will fit in the table. We post our experiences here as soon as possible, so the short-version rating will be all you initially see. As time permits, we then add a separate detailed review page for a particular product (which will be indicated by the fact that the Product Reviewed name will be visibly shown as a clickable link).

As a visual aid, the ratings in the table will be separated into broad general categories by these background colors:

Green means a great product, with no significant problems.
Cyan means a great product, but with one or more significant problems.
Yellow means a usable product, but with one or more severe problems.
Red means we would avoid this product entirely, if we could.


Last Updated 04 August 2009

Date Rating Product Reviewed
04 Aug 09 just keeps working reliably Western Digital Caviar Hard Drives
11 May 05 superb image Viewsonic VG191b Monitor
05 Jul 01 superb quality prints; fast Epson Stylus Photo 870 Inkjet Printer
06 Oct 00 superior; priced right Photocopier Pro v1.09
01 Oct 00 superb quality scans; fast Epson Perfection 1200S Flatbed Scanner
02 Apr 99 fine, after 23MB download! Umax 610S Flatbed Scanner
31 Mar 99 demented but functional Adaptec Easy CD Creator v3.5
31 Mar 99 terrific print quality Hewlett-Packard 4P Laser Printer
31 Mar 99 superior; priced right JASC Paint Shop Pro v5.01
31 Mar 99 works just fine Syquest EZ-135 128MB Removable Disk
09 Feb 99 the best; can't live without it 4DOS Command Processor
09 Feb 99 works just fine Adaptec 2910C SCSI Adapter
09 Feb 09 very nice product CD Stomper CDR Labeler
09 Feb 99 great product; priced right Datalight ROM-DOS
09 Feb 99 nasty thermal calibrations Maxtor 540AL Hard drive
09 Feb 99 super fine; priced right Syntrillium Cool Edit 96 Sound Editor
09 Feb 99 nasty thermal calibrations Syquest Sparq 1GB Removable Disk
09 Feb 99 super fine; terrific deal! Winamp v2.05 MP3/WAV Music Player

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