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Product: Photocopier Protm v1.09
Category: photocopier program
Manufacturer: Nico Cuppen Software
Vendor Website: http://www.nico2000.com/
Rating: superior; priced right
Reviewer: E. Nicholas Cupery
Review Date: 06 October 2000


Photocopier Pro is a copier program used to make copies in black & white or gray-scale or full color, from any TWAIN compliant scanner to your printer.




I've been looking for a better photocopier program for a long time, and Photocopier Pro v1.09 is it. This is the only copier program I've found that will remember which TWAIN device you want it to use for input. This became important to me right after I bought a slide scanner. Now I have two TWAIN input devices which are used for entirely different purposes, and I don't ever want to make photocopies from the slide scanner. Now I can keep my photocopier program pointed at my flatbed scanner permanently, without having to worry about selecting the correct TWAIN device every time I want to make a photocopy.

Another nice thing about Photocopier Pro is its support for a physical "Copy" pushbutton on the flatbed scanner. I have Photocopier Pro registered as the program to handle this event, so now all I have to do is press my "Copy" button and up pops Photocopier Pro. Very convenient! (Note that this works fine in Windows 98 SE, but not at all in Windows 95 OSR1, and I don't know about newer versions of Windows 95 or the original Windows 98 version. This, of course, has nothing to do with Photocopier Pro, and everything to do with Windows itself.)

Photocopier Pro has a very nice set of options that you can select, and that will be remembered from one copy to the next. I'm talking about options such as whether you want to maintain the size of the original image or expand it to fit the printed page. Another option I'm particularly fond of is the option to show a printer setup dialog box just before printing. (I keep this turned OFF, so that Photocopier Pro will always print to my default printer, yet I can easily see that others may prefer to select a printer each time. I just love options!) I am not going to discuss each of the many options and features of Photocopier Pro here, because the program is available as shareware. You can download a fully functional version (with the usual unregistered version nag screen, of course) from the vendor's website. I suggest you do so, even if you are happy with your current photocopier program. You may just find that you like this one a lot better.


Try this program. This is the best deal on a photocopier program I've come across.

Copyright 2000 Farba Research All Rights Reserved

Rebuttals may be sent to Rebuttals@FarbaResearch.com