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Product: Paint Shop Protm v5.01
Category: graphics/paint program
Manufacturer: JASC, Inc.
Vendor Website: http://www.jasc.com/
Rating: superior; priced right
Reviewer: E. Nicholas Cupery
Review Date: 31 March 1999


Paint Shop Pro is both a paint program that one can use to create new images, and a graphics program that one can use to edit existing images.




I almost never create a drawing by hand, so I cannot say a whole lot about that. However, I find myself manipulating existing images (to include images on paper that I scan) almost every day.

One thing I find very interesting is the fact that the particular field of graphic image manipulation spans such a huge range of sophistication. Even for one vendor, this range is enormous. For instance, we have Adobe PhotoDeluxetm at the low end (about $50 but bundled for free with many cameras and scanners), and Adobe PhotoShoptm at the high end (list price of about $1000 and street price of about $600)! I have looked at PhotoDeluxe (and similar products from other vendors) and I find it demented, incomprehensible, and woefully inadequate in any case. I have looked at PhotoShop and find it monumentally complex (people devote entire careers to the use of this one program) and I'm not about to pay that kind of money for a program anyway. So, what is needed is something more reasonable, somewhere in the middle of this range but preferably nearer the high end. JASC's Paint Shop Pro is such a program, and the best I've seen. (I used to use Lview Protm, but it is nowhere near as friendly and approachable as Paint Shop Pro.)

Paint Shop Pro does everything I have ever needed to do with a graphic image, and does it all well. It comes with a very nice printed manual that does a fine job of explaining graphics manipulations in general. It also comes from a vendor that actually answers email questions (within hours), and even provides a separate email address for a specific person to handle complaints. I have never had any occasion to try the complaint route, but I have emailed many suggestions and a few bug-reports, and JASC promptly responded to them all (and indicated that every one of the bugs will be fixed in the next version). I find it really really nice to deal with a company that does not hide from its customers (as so many others do).


Try this program. This is the best deal on a graphics/paint program I've ever come across, and the vendor is responsive to suggestions.

Copyright 1999 Farba Research All Rights Reserved

Rebuttals may be sent to Rebuttals@FarbaResearch.com