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Welcome to the online home of Farba Research, a consulting, programming, and product development house established in 1978 by E. Nicholas Cupery, EE.

Farba Research is primarily an embedded systems house, specializing in software for embedded systems based upon Microsoft Corporation's Windows CE, and both hardware and software design for embedded systems featuring 8-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers (primarily the Atmel AVR series and the STM32 series).

We supply realtime software, diagnostic software (to include entire test suite packages), and initialization software (bootup and downline loader code).

We also supply Microsoft Windows Win32 API programming services, although we generally limit that to Windows front ends for embedded systems, and Windows utility programs.

We believe that reliability is always the most important goal, and that speed is a close second. That is why we favor C and/or assembly language. Please note that we do not do C++ (too slow and fat).

We also firmly believe in maintainability, towards which end we insist on supplying only fully commented and fully documented products.

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